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Olight X7 Marauder 9000 Lumen 4 x 18650 CREE XHP70 LED Flashlight

Product Review (submitted on January 17, 2017):
The X7 Marauder is a great light for woods trail walking. You can see well enough on low to illuminate the trail, and if needed double tap for 5,500 lumens and another double tap for 9,000.

If you shave some pack weight in other places it makes a great backpacking light as well, although you wont get the distance of the 1,200 lumen M3XS-UT gets by any means, (Which is why I like to take both with me on short three or four mile hikes) it has enough sheer lumens to reach out a little.

Just my personal opinion, and not directly related to this light but all lights. If a light is rated for 1,000 meters, I cut that in half mentally and then go from there. For instance this light is rated for 313 meters I personally rate it at half that or 150 meters, although you can see objects at 313 meters and most lights at the fully rated distance, I always keep this in mind because I want a lot of light at the given distance.

Here is the bottom line about this light... almost anything in front of this light at 9,000 lumens is lit up from the ground to the tops of a 40-50 foot tree for 150 yards extremely well and it is an incredible flood light.

Vinh mods this light at Sky Lumens and gets you 14,500 lumens after it settles down from an astounding 16,200 lumen turn on for $325. (CW dome on).
One of each (a stock and mod version would be nice, 9,000 lumens is great don't get me wrong, but 14,500... from a soda can light insane.

I like the two series, two parallel arrangement for the four 18650's. I am running my stock version X7 with the Olight 10 Amp batteries with no problems. I clean the contacts, springs and battery terminals with alcohol and a Q-tip very carefully each time I charge the batteries, with no Turbo or Turbo S run time problems ever. I get about five minutes of Turbo S this way at 80% humidity and 75 degrees F holding the light.