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Olight X7 Marauder 9000 Lumen 4 x 18650 CREE XHP70 LED Flashlight

Product Review (submitted on December 5, 2016):
Outrageously bright and a good straight forward user interface. Size is ok but not designed for EDC. In fact that would be one of my criticisms of the light. No lanyard or strap to hold on to the light and no 1/4 20 mounting hole for alternative mounting. Their previous (X6) Marauder had both. Seems like a real oversight for a flashlight that can get too hot to handhold. Using it in a tail stand configuration would be the only way you can work with it for extended periods.
I purchased the "natural white" version (kudos for GoingGear for carrying both kinds) which I'm really happy with. Colors (Reds, Oranges and Yellows in particular) show up much better with this light. This would actually be a good video light if it didn't flicker at the lower lumen output levels. Unfortunately it does making it unacceptable for photography and video (in addition to not being able to mount it easily).
Ahh but the Super Turbo mode makes all those other issues go away. Did I mention this light is bright? It reminds me of turning on a cinema light and blasting the night away. Where the X6 Marauder was equal to a 100 watt HMI this is easily twice as bright. (super turbo doesn't flicker but unfortunately only lasts for 2 minutes before it drops down to 1800 lumens which does flicker.) An amazing deal as Olight does it again.