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JETBeam SRA40 Aluminum LED Flashlight, 1100 Lumens

Product Review (submitted on December 1, 2014):
How am I the first one to review this incredible little light? This just isnt a flashlight, it just isnt something that seems like its out of science fiction its BETTER than science fiction cause its real! This Jetbeam throws one of the best most usable high powered beams I have EVER seen! It has incredible throw for its size and is the most heavily built "stubby" light on the market.

Downsides are the built in charger is practically useless as it charges at 0.35 and doesnt charge well. Another downside is the threaded mount on the tailcap which is actually for a screw in spike(!!) that Jetbeam sells it just gets in the way. Yes you can screw it onto a tripod as long as the tripod threading is metric. Last and biggest downside for the SRA40 is that for some reason it does NOT come with a holster!! For how much this light costs at least a cheap holster should be included.

Despite all that the SRA40 is still one of the baddest lights I own and I own dozens of high end LED lights. The lights body is made of some of the thickest aluminum Ive ever seen on a light which makes it a good bricklike weapon should the need arise.

Perfect switch!! The heavy duty industrial rubber power and mode switches are stone cold perfect! Easily workable with gloves on. The brushed stainless steel switch cover Jetbeam uses here is a very very nice touch. No battery carrier here instead the battery slots are machined out of the aluminum body itself.

I use this light alot despite its weight and near Coke can width I carry this with me whenever I can over dozens of other lights I have. Describing the beam would go something like this: Take a 4D cell M*glight and make it 1/4 the original size then make it 9 times brighter and youve got the incredibly wide beam featuring crisp well focused hot spot that gives the beam a real 3 dimensional feel once you throw in the candela rating of a 4D cell M*glight and you dont just have a palm sized flashlight youve got a palm sized near indestructable photon canon!

Light is so good I am looking into having a custom sheath made BUY IT!