Olight i3S EOS 80 Lumen XP-G2 AAA LED Flashlight

Olight i3S EOS 80 Lumen XP-G2 AAA LED Flashlight

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Olight i3S EOS 80 Lumen XP-G2 AAA LED Flashlight

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The i3S EOS is the second edition of the popular i3. It inherits the classic i3 compact design and stylish appearance, with a newly designed clip and clip mount. The i3S uses latest CREE XP-G2 LED and updated drive circuitry, which gives the light more output and higher efficiency. It is available in five colors - red, blue, purple, gold and black, making them a perfect gift for your relatives and friends.

Check the More Views section under the main image for the ANSI specs.

  • Utilizing the newest Cree XP-G2 LED, with the max output of 80 lumens (increased by 20%, based on the old i3)
  • Adjustable output levels: Moonlight, Low, High and Strobe mode (by rotating its head to shift modes)
  • High quality stainless steel clip makes it durable and keeps a firm grip on your pocket
  • The pocket clip is reversible, allowing for hat brim or similar attachment
  • Aluminum body with scratch resistant type III Hard Anodizing (on black model)
  • Flat tail cap allows for tail-standing
  • Adopt linear current regulation technology, no PWM
  • Strong keychain attachment point
  • Orange peel reflector, fit for close range lighting
  • 96% transparent ultra-clear optical lens

Additional Information

Model olighti3s
SKU olighti3s
Manufacturer Olight
Video Review No
Beacon No
Body Color Other
Compatible Batteries 1 x AAA
Mode Changing Method No
Holster Included No
Pocket Clip No
Crenulated Bezel No
Infinite Ouput Adjustment No
LED Tint Cool
Secondary LED Color No
Max Lumens No
Min Lumens No
Beam Distance (Meters) No
Modes No
Strobe Yes
Switch Type Twist
Programmable No
Body Material Aluminum
Weight grams No
Weight oz No
Length Inches No
Length mm No
Body Diameter Inches No
Body Diameter mm No
Head Diameter Inches No
Head Diameter mm No


Customer Reviews 8 item(s)

Replaced my microstream. AAA
I bought this to replace my microstream. I'm glad I did. I EDC this. I replaced the triangle key chain with a split ring and a P7 clip. It disappears in my pocket. The light pocket clip is reverse able for a ball cap. Better light quality and run times than my old Edc. If your looking for a AAA light,,YOU CANT GO WRONG WITH THIS ONE!!
Review by Richard / (Posted on 11/26/2015)
great edc pocket light
High quality light with a very compact size. Fit and finish is very good and operation is smooth. The included pocket clip is very secure and reversible. All around great light and good value for the money. As others have mentioned... I ditched the keychain attachment.
Review by Rich / (Posted on 5/7/2015)
Quality Convenience
I bought this for a gift for a family member who doesn't want a full fledged EDC and this was perfect for them. Very compact and convenient, inexpensive but abundant power source, and still plenty of options from a company that has very consistent quality. So far it's come in handy far more than the recipient had expected and Olight quickly won over another customer. The price was a little higher than I was hoping to pay for a 1x AAA light, but it's not surprising that it certainly feels worth that much. I was impressed with it enough that I may buy another as a backup light.
Review by Andrew / (Posted on 12/24/2014)
Perfect gateway light
I love giving this light to people. It's affordable enough that you don't hate yourself for buying them, but awesome enough that you do hate yourself for not keeping them.

Waterproof, drop-proof, best-looking cool white tint (I usually prefer neutral) and the clip can be reversed to connect it to a hat as a headlight. Nice and small, running on easily-sourced batteries and it comes in different colours. I prefer clicky switches, but for something that is designed to go on a keychain or in a handbag, twisty switches are a much better idea.

Although they don't acknowledge it, this light can take 10440 lithium-ion cells to put out a tonne more light. However, this can void your warranty and heats up the light very quickly. I wouldn't recommend it for a light you would use for more than a few seconds at a time - it's pretty much a way for people to show off.

The weak point of this light is the key chain. They break at the claw end very, very easily. Just switch to a split ring or something like the Tec Accessories Python Clip sold at GG. Even with the new clip it's good value. The different colours mean that you can pick them for different people :)

If they ever upgrade these things, I think the only thing they should do is add a magnet to the tail like the S series.

Buy them.
Review by Pejhman / (Posted on 11/25/2014)
Perfect key chain light!
Olight i3s is a great little flashlight. Everybody should have 1 on their keychain. When I bought 1 my wife was mad I'm buying flashlights. After she saw mine she was asking for hers. Too funny. This light is built really well. You will not be disappointed! Thank you going gear and Olight!
Review by Damon / (Posted on 11/23/2014)
my first olight im very happy with it
Awesome single AAA light its my new favorite edc i have the inova xs , streamlight microstream , and solitaire led and i like the olight the best its the smallest of the four and milti mode pretty good runtimes with alkaline or ni-mh even better runtimes with energizer lithium but beware it will get quite warm if ran on high to long . Iv heard it can handle li-ion 3.7v rechargables but i wouldnt try it . Bottom line its a great light nice fit and finish great quality i would recommend this light to anyone .
Review by lightjunky / (Posted on 11/19/2014)
Impressive for 1 AAA
This light has better output than my Stylus Pro and my Preon 2, and that is comparing the single cell to the double cells. It is a phenomenal little light. I love how the pocket clip is reversible, which is great to clip it on to a hat to use as a head lamp. That gives it great functionality. It is just a great little light. I ripped the keychain off because I don't like it but to each his own. Great little light I would highly recommend it.
Review by Max / (Posted on 9/25/2014)
Great little light for keychain carrying!
Great output because of the XPG2. Just in case you're wondering, the output sequence is: medium, high, low, medium, high, low, strobe. The value for money is pretty great, considering the preon p1 has the same output for about $10 more. I do prefer the p1 styling over this light, but this light fits on your keyring better.

I also suggest picking up a pack of small split rings when you purchase this light because the triangular attachment to the light really sucks. It will be the first thing to fail on the light, guaranteed.
Review by Anon / (Posted on 3/12/2013)