Kershaw Cryo II 15516TI Rick Hinderer Collaboration Pocket Folding Knife (3.25" Blade)

Kershaw Cryo II 15516TI Rick Hinderer Collaboration Pocket Folding Knife (3.25" Blade)

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Kershaw Cryo II 15516TI Rick Hinderer Collaboration Pocket Folding Knife (3.25" Blade)

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The Award Winning Cryo - Only Bigger

The new Kershaw Cryo II is 20% larger than the original award-winning Cryo, designed by Rick Hinderer. With its bigger 3 1/4-in. SpeedSafe-equipped blade, this classic design was built for those who just demand more from their pocketknife.

A classic Rick Hinderer design, the Cryo II is built of pure stainless steel coated with matte-grey titanium carbo-nitride for a no-fuss look that lets the design shine through. Like all Rick’s knives, the Cryo II benefits from Rick’s real world experience as a fire fighter and EMT. It’s designed to be a sturdy knife that’s still aesthetically pleasing and feels good in the hand.

For secure blade lock up, the Cryo II offers a tough frame lock with lockbar stabilization. The Cryo also comes with Kershaw’s SpeedSafe assisted opening for fast and easy one-handed opening. Access it with either the built-in flipper or the thumbstud.

Though it’s a larger knife, the Cryo II is remarkably slim and rides comfortably deep in the pocket thanks to our deep-carry clip. EDC this guy for a while and we think you’ll soon appreciate its virtues. You get the tactical, hard-use looks you’re looking for, a Hinderer design, and SpeedSafe opening in this amazingly affordable Kershaw that’s destined to be the Hinderer for the rest of us.

Tech Specs:

  • SpeedSafe assisted opening
  • Frame lock with lockbar stabilizer
  • Flipper and thumbstud
  • Quad-carry (tip-up/tip-down; left/right) pocketclip; deep-carry
  • Steel: 8Cr13MoV, titanium carbo-nitride coating
  • Handle: 410, titanium carbo-nitride coating
  • Blade length: 3 3/8 in. (8.6 cm)
  • Closed length: 4 3/8 in. (11.1 cm)
  • Overall length: 7 3/4 in. (19.7 cm)
  • Weight: 5.5 oz.

Additional Information

Model 15516TI
Manufacturer Kershaw
Color Grey-Grey
Video Review N/A


Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

A Great Knife That Surprised the Mess Outta Me!!!
You know at first I was very hesitant to buy this knife. I usually have a few criteria for purchasing a knife - 1) It must have good steel, able to take and hold an edge, the Cryo II has 8Cr13MoV steel 2) It needs to be a durable knife, able to take a good bit of punishment. Occasional misuse, but mostly just a tough knife. 3) It needs to have a tactical design. By that I mean it should have a good handle that provides for a good grip even when wet. I used that one example because this knife doesn't quite fall into that category. It's also too small to be a good tactical knife. So right off it had a couple of knocks against it. So why did I buy it? Well, I travel a lot to my clients, and I have some clients that have HR rules against having a knife, even a pocket knife at work. Well, I don't go anywhere without a knife on me or in a bag - (Except aircraft of course) and so I needed something with a small footprint. The Cryo II has that - it is a small folder. It also as the pocket clip that allows for all of the body of the knife to be hidden in pocket. To top it off - the knife was $13.99 at the retail store I purchased it at. It was a red tag clearance and I do not believe they actually knew what they had. Going Gear prices are more than fair. :) Anyway back to the knife. So I bought this knife, thinking I would only use it for business trips. Boy was I wrong. This knife has practically taken over duty as my EDC knife! I know the blade only measure right at 3" and the handle is metal, not mycarta or G10 or some other material that provides grip when wet, but this knife has some good gimping along the top of the knife and also at the bottom on the opposite end. (The areas near where your ring finger and pinky are gripping the handle) What this seems to do is provide a very solid grip. It's almost like gimping on opposite ends providing opposing force. Seriously! The grip on this knife is darn good! So that addressed most of the initial tactical deficiencies I saw. Now to the really good pluses of this knife. Opening: the knife has a finger safety integrated into the blade that also serves as the speed opener. I believe the previous reviewer, Adam correctly identified it as "Speedsafe". This knife is also an "Assisted Open" knife. That means that within the knife has a tension spring that helps the blade flick open when you press the speedsafe down. It's safe and also present the knife blade in less than a second. This knife with the 8Cr13MoV steel is comparable to AUS 8. I will say that I've got a couple of knives with AUS 8 steel and this knife takes the edge quicker and keeps it longer. Fact. So I'm very pleased with this knife. It is a very discrete EDC, it is a very capable folder. The "titanium" coating is still holding up and I'm probably in my 8th month of ownership. There is no blade wobble and the knife is very stable. It's balanced almost on center which is kind of unusual considering all metal construction.
If I could sum up my opinion of this Kershaw Cryo II, into a few words....those words would be: Sturdy; Reliable; Sharp; Steady; Concealable. Ok, those are more than a few, but I'm from Texas and therefore allowed to do that.
The big question is this: Would I pay almost $50 for this knife? Of course for $13.99 it's AMAZING! The answer is a bit confusing. No, I probably would not have bought it at $47.99, however if I knew what I know now? I'd buy it without hesitation.

p.s. I'm not sure who Rick Hinderer is, but he sure does make some expensive knives! I'm thankful that I paid so little for mine when I've seen some folder with his name on them sell for $1,690.00 Yes folks you read that correctly. Makes a $47.99 knife seem like a steal now!!
In all seriousness, I highly recommend this knife as a very discrete, but rock solid EDC.
Review by Robert the Texan / (Posted on 2/11/2016)
Great knife at a great price
Being surrounded by some seriously pricey knives at times, it's nice to have to have a well built, good looking no frills go to blade for everyday carry. The speedsafe assisted open and the Hinderer design give you the impression that you have your hands on a much more expensive knife. At the price point it's currently at, you won't have to feel about and scuffing it up or using it for things knives are made for. No need to baby this work horse. For only 47 bucks and change, you get a whole lot more knife than you pay for.
Review by Adam / (Posted on 12/20/2013)